Android Application Developer: Why Do a great Career Option?

So you are searching forward to become a Android Application Developer and question why do a great career option? Here’s your read. Based on a current job survey, there’s an increase of 40 % in job openings for Android developers. For this reason increase in the need for android developers, a lot IT training institutes over the city are presenting dedicated curriculum and courses of instruction for Android application development courses. One of these simple institute will be your temple of your practice if you are searching toward an encouraging career in android database integration.

Android is among the most used operating-system in tablets and smartphones today. For this reason increase in its usability and selling of Android based cellular devices, need for android application developers has additionally increased. The main reason behind this, would be the amazing features, apps, and games distributed around the consumer on android platform. If you love all individuals apps and games in your phone and question how it operates, then this may be a awesome career choice for you.

Lets check out some statistics that may hep you best together with your decision:

Android was created among 2005-2006 and then introduced into existence in 2007 by Google and also, since then it’s growing more quickly. Today, almost every other phone is running on android platform. Every 6 from 10 cellular devices are discovered to be android based devices. Presently, Android holds 49% from the total share of the market which shows there are around 180 million Android smartphones on the market.

Let us see do you know the key areas in Android development where one can get hold of:

1. Graphical user interface Designing

2. Application Programming

3. Implementation

4. Mobile Game Maker

5. Android Mobile Application Project Manager

What you ought to know before you begin:

1. Java Programming Language: Android Development lives with and dies without Java. It’s surely not really a tough programming language to understand knowing some coding basics.

2. XML: Xml can be used for declare UI elements in android apps. Also, it’s been broadly combined with other programming languages too. Knowing XML could make your work a great deal simpler here.

3. Development Atmosphere: This is when application development tools is necessary. Eclipse is a such tool that is broadly utilized by android application developers as well as suggested by top Android development companies. You must also setup Android SDK before you begin coding. The good thing here is you can look for a single package easily online which includes all you need for android development.

Some quick points why Android Application Development is really a hot career option:

1. Good Wages

2. Fastest growing mobile platform

3. Lots of career growth

4. Make a start with top Android Development Company

5. You are able to freelance anytime.

Main Point Here: Android application developer is a great career option if you are searching toward a frightening and growing career.

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